Mapperley and Bees

The Mapperley area has many bee-keepers over the years, with many producing honey for sale. The area is a haven for bees and other wildlife, due to the established gardens and trees.

In the spring, bees will swarm and should they arrive near you, it can cause anxiety.

What should you do if bees swarm in your garden?

Swarming is simply the way that hives naturally reproduce. If you happen to see a swarm of bees in your garden, there is absolutely no need to panic! A swarm of bees is very docile, as they have no hive, no eggs and no honey to protect. Do not spray them with pesticides, but of course, take sensible precautions if you or anyone near you is allergic.

PLEASE DO call a local beekeeper and if they are available, they will usually be delighted to come and collect the bees for free. Once collected, they will usually put them into a hive and help them establish a new colony. It helps them, and it helps the bees.

Local beekeepers can be found on websites such as the British Beekeepers Association.

You may also want to contact the Nottinghamshire Bee Keepers Association for information or advice.

In summer they get many calls and questions from people with bees in their houses, outbuildings and gardens.  

There are over 250 types of bees in the UK but there is only one european honey bee (Apis mellifera).  As well as honey bees there are around 24 species of bumblebee and over 240 species of solitary bee in the UK.  Please use this link to help identify what type of bee you have and who to approach for help and information.  https://www.bbka.org.uk/swarm

Mapperley has a beekeeper who sent us this information. His name is Damyan Velkov and can be contacted here : https://www.facebook.com/damyan.velkov.1

Hives and flowers in Mapperley

Looking for Local Honey?

Mary Allwood specialises in all natural honey based products. She often sells the products at craft fairs too.

Mapperley Honey is as local as it can get. Mary can be contacted on 0115 920 3656 or by email: maryallwood@yahoo.com

Mapperley Honey products

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