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Mapperley’s Litter Pick

Calling all residents and organisations. Why not organise your own Litter Pick and help to keep our area litter free. The #MapperleyLitterPick is now up and running and we can assist you in arranging future events.

Thanks to the support of private individuals, HSL Direct, Gedling Borough Council and Nottingham City Council, we now have sufficient equipment for the Mapperley People community to use.

The equipment is stored at Haywood Road Community Centre, which is central to the area we serve. We have litter-pickers, gloves, bags, buckets and hi-vis tabards. They can be borrowed (by arrangement) and used to clear any area you choose (within NG3-5). This could be your own street or a number of streets.

Our first Mapperley Litter Pick took place on Saturday 7th March 2020. This was advertised in advance on our Facebook Page (@mapperleypeople). Sixteen volunteers gave up an hour or so of their time, between 10 and 11.30 am. It was great to see some people bring their children along, or was it the other way round? Either way, there are clearly many of us who want to ‘do our bit’ to keep the area litter free.

The local councils cannot do it all, although we should always consider reporting litter or fly-tipping, using the following reporting methods:

Gedling Borough Council – Online at https://apps.gedling.gov.uk/forms/default.aspx?formid=144  

or call 01159013901 and ask for Direct Services

Nottingham City Council – Online at https://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/reportit       

or call 01158765079

Mapperley People now operate a monthly litter pick on the first Saturday of the month. We meet at 9.30 outside the Haywood Road Community Centre.

Want to organise your own?

Here’s what you need to do.

Decide on where you want to do the litter pick. Two people can normally clear 200m of road (pavement and kerbs) in an hour.

Decide on a Date and Time for your Litter Pick.

Get sufficient volunteers. You may want to promote the event on Social Media

Notify the administrators at Mapperley People to ensure the equipment is available.

In the week before your litter pick, notify the local authority and tell them where you will be leaving the bags.

Meet up with your volunteers, pair them up and enjoy your Litter Pick event safely.

The Volunteers on 7th March 2020

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