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Acts Of Kindness Go A Long Way

Local mum named Selina was overwhelmed by a random act of kindness. An anonymous stranger offered to help when she received a penalty charge. When we posted about it on our social media pages, the response was staggering (twelve thousand views in four hours).

Selina had parked her car in the Bonington Road Car Park on Mapperley Top. She obtained a ticket from the ticket machine and placed it on the dashboard inside the car. She had in fact displaid it face-down so the wardens were unable to read it. A penalty charge was issued.

When Selina returned to her car, she immediately saw the dreaded yellow penalty charge notice attached to the windscreen. When she removed it, she found a handwritten note. The note read

From 1 mum to another – ACT OF KINDNESS – I saw you put the ticket in. I am sorry you now have a ticket. Please accept the £20 from me. (PASS ON THE LOVE)


Selina messaged us and sent a photograph of what she found on the windscreen of her car. Sure enough, there was a £20 note.

This is Selina’s message to the anonymous sympathiser:

To the wonderful human being who left me this lovely little note and this kind gesture of £20 I can’t thank you enough. You saw I had purchased a parking ticket however was it placed the wrong resulting in a penalty charge. Thank you so much for this random act of kindness, you have restored a little of my faith in humanity and reminded me there is some pretty special people in the world! I promise to carry on spreading the love.


The number of responses to the post was staggering. These sum up the mood perfectly

Random acts of kindness make the world a much lovelier place to live 💕

Amazing, who ever you are, amazing, passing on the love so beautifully❤ Thankyou for sharing the experience. I am beyond happy when you returned to your ticketed car, meanly I might add and agree, you also returned to this amazing gift ❤ Love it Mapperley xxx

Among the many comments was one from Sonia, who seemed to know something about the kind gesture. So we asked her. This is her reply.

I saw this lady get a ticket, go to her car and put the ticket in. When I came back to my car, I saw a fine on hers and went over. I saw the tickets had turned over so the blank side was up. I really felt for her so had to share an act of kindness. It just makes everyone’s lives happier when we can all help in whatever way we can.

Sonia the Mystery Helper
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