Search For ‘Celebrity Photograph’ Goes Worldwide

Story about a photograph lost on a Mapperley bus goes viral.

The Mapperley People community have a proven track record of reuniting people with their lost property. Pets in particular are often reported lost, and thanks to people sharing these posts many are found or identified. Parrots and even tortoises have been traced. Thanks to the good people of Mapperley.   

Ben, a local resident contacted Mapperley People after losing a signed photograph of Chris Hughes from the popular BBC quiz show Eggheads.

For those that have not seen the show, it was first shown in 2003 and every day a team of five friends takes on a team of five established quiz experts, known as the Eggheads.

Chris Hughes from Eggheads

Ben told Mapperley People

‘Me and my friend Simon have always been big fans of Eggheads, particularly Chris, as he lives in my home town. Recently it was Simon’s birthday, so as a bit of a joke I bought him a signed photo of Chris from Eggheads. I was actually off into Nottingham that day to try and get a frame for the photo. Somehow I’d managed to leave it on the bus and I thought I’d try and locate it through the Mapperley People group, on the off chance somebody else on the bus had spotted it.’

The story about the missing photograph was soon shared by well-meaning people.  Incredibly, within days, over 380,000 people have seen the post with nearly a thousand people sharing it. Messages of support have come from the USA, Australia, and even as far away as the Falkland Islands. Whilst the photograph has not been found, Ben is grateful for the messages of support.

‘Next thing I know it’s being shared across the world’

Ben goes on to say

‘Next thing I know it’s being shared across the world and people were also telling stories of random memorabilia they’d also lost. It was quite the shock.’

Here are a few of the messages received.

  • Gavin Savage –  Shared from Corsica. I lost a signed photo of Boutros Boutros-Ghali from the height of his UN fame, so I know how you must be feeling. Thoughts and prayers.
  • Brylcreem Buchanan –  Shared in Seoul, Korea. Thoughts a prayers.
  • John Parker (North Carolina) I don’t know who this person is but I’m sure he is hilarious and intellectually stimulating. Thoughts and prayers from the US of A.
  • Josh Watkins – Shared Leamington Spa. I had to consult my signed photo of Fred Dibnah for advice first, as I do with most major decisions in my life.
  • Neil Skinner – My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. I have a signed photo of Emu that may go some way to help heal your broken heart. Unfortunately it is not signed by Rod Hull as he was unavailable sorting his TV Aerial out
  • Erica Louise – Shared Ho Chi Minh City. He’s quite the celebrity here so there’s a good chance that either the original, or a high quality fake will show up. Wishing you all the best. Stay strong
  • Mick Duggan – Shared Capetown . I know how it feels to lose a cherished signed photo. I once had one of Meg Mortimer from Crossroads. Lost it over a game of marbles. Thoughts and prayers etc
  • Lorraine Pavey – Can’t someone contact Chris from Eggheads and organise a replacement photo? We could start a go fund me page and get him to go round for afternoon tea and a game of cards against humanity! With the power of the internet we can do this guys! I’ll start the ball rolling with 27p and a half eaten egg sandwich
  • Andy Mercer – Shared Arriva staff room, hope you find closure hun x
  • Greg Jones – I thought it was Brian Ferry.
  • Good luck – I’m going into Wakefield town centre on the piss later. I’ll keep an eye out and ask a few folk.
  • David Bridgen – Shared in Durham, I’ll share it when I get back to Darlington too. Thoughts and prayers xx
  • Sandra Ireland – My personally signed photo from Muffin the Mule was left at the top of the Shard. I can’t afford to go back up there again so I’ve been waiting at the lift to see if anyone has it with them when they come down. Thoughts and Prayers
  • Adele Wallace – Can we not hire a drone to re-trace the bus route? Hope it turns up. I once lost my signed Joe Pasquale t-shirt but thankfully my brother had borrowed it xx
  • Charlotte Singleton – Oh this is bloody awful. I’m going to Co-op in a bit, I’ll put a notice up on the board. Thinking of you at this difficult time. It’s a very fetching photo is that X

Some responses were less sympathetic – Neal Wilkins messaged to say ‘I’m sorry but you do not have my sympathy. What the hell were you doing leaving the house with that treasure? It should be kept under lock and key, only making an appearance on your birthday or maybe a fancy dinner party. I bet someone has found it and is now sat in their pants staring at it thinking ‘I’m the luckiest person alive’.

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