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Mapperley People are a Supportive Lot

Mapperley People are proud to support each other. Our Facebook page is a useful way to post on behalf of people seeking advice or support. Sometimes this is when they are finding things difficult. The way we post also respects the person’s anonymity, if that is important to them.

The Mapperley People community always responds in a supportive way.

We recently posted this question on behalf of a local parent:

Are there any local gatherings of young people with common interests? My daughter is 16 and has ASD. She enjoys cooking but is socially isolated and not confident around social situations with her peers. She also likes music and takes regular piano lessons.

Within an hour or so of posting this appeal, there were many helpful responses.

Some people commented that they were in a similar situation with their child and were grateful for someone asking the question.

Here are some of the responses:

Has she thought about the RAF cadets? My daughter is at 138 in Carlton, and they are a lovely bunch of kids!! (She also has ASD and struggles with social engagements) but has had a successful Christmas camp, and also took part in the remembrance parade 🙂 my daughter is also 16 x

Try Monty Hind Youth Club in Lenton. They have lots of different activities to choose from. One of the group’s is a cooking group and they regularly have drama and music sessions.

Hey, sorry to hear your young person is suffering. Have a look at The Wolfpack Project, may be suitable.

Please look up Stagewise Performing Arts Club. Jo is an absolutely amazing person.

Stagewise Performing Arts Club are inclusive and lovely. đź’• Jo who runs it is brilliant.

There is also the Sky Youth Club in Netherfield is specifically for teens and kids with ASD. Once a month on a Saturday I think. You could also ask in Nottingham Autism Support Group to see if any others are in a similar situation

I’d definitely recommend Jigsaw Youth Club in Lenton. Our ASD lad and his younger neuro typical brother love it down there.

Your local Scope may be able to help. Or if they get a personal budget then a personal assistant through Rosekel. Also, may be worth contacting your local authority about youth services on offer.

Gedling Disability Youth Club at Redhill Leisure centre on Thursday evenings.     

Base51 is good for kids from all walks of life

The Wolfpack Project is a registered charity in Nottingham dedicated to reducing loneliness, isolation, and promoting better mental health among young adults (16-35). The founder is a Mapperley resident too.

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