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Going Underground

Mapperley Tunnel and Gedling Colliery Mapperley Tunnel is a disused railway tunnel that runs below Mapperley Plains, where it meets Arnold Lane and Gedling Road. This 1044 metre tunnel was built for the Derbyshire and Staffordshire Extension of the Great Northern Railway. This line ran from [ … ]

Clina House

The residential area of Mapperley is made extra special because of the variety of houses that were built over time, as plots of land became available. This haphazard way the area has developed, has given us a wide variety of dwellings, some modest and some [ … ]

Memories Of Mapperley Brickworks

Whenever Nottingham’s old brickworks are talked about on local history sites, people tend to remember just one or two of them. Those that they lived near or played in as children. There were in fact many brickyards operated by several companies. One such company was [ … ]

Where Are Our Civic Plaques?

Civic plaques are a popular way of remembering our history and people. The Mapperley area doesn’t seem to have many though. Why is this? Nottingham city centre has many, and so does the Beeston area. Surely our area has people and places that are worth [ … ]