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Mapperley and Brick Making

St Pancras Station celebrates its 150 years, and we celebrate the Mapperley Bricks that were used to build it and the brick making heritage of Nottingham Many thanks to Mike Chapman of the British Brick Society for the following information. [ … ]

The History of Mapperley Hall

Mapperley Hall on Lucknow Avenue was built in 1792 by the Wright Family. Ichabod Wright was the second generation of a family that were bankers on Long Row Nottingham. He and his wife Harriet had 3 sons and 10 daughters. [ … ]

Majestic Mapperley

Many thanks to Angie for her memories of Mapperley and the Majestic Cinema on Woodborough Road. I was born in 1945 and lived on Kenrick Road, there were very few cars then ,we used to go car spotting on Porchester [ … ]