Mapperley Hospital (1930s)

Many thanks to Martin Sarsfield for uploading this cine-camera footage from Mapperley Hospital and St Anns Hospital in the 1930s.

The video is 25 minutes long and has no sound. Much of the footage is of the Sports Days of those years. It also shows that the football and cricket fields were created around that time.

To assist the viewer, here are the approximate times of sections of footage that may be of interest.

At 8 m 20, it shows the Sports Day in 1938 and use of the new sports pitches.

At 12 m, it shows a camping trip to Aston Hall in Aston on Trent, Derbyshire. Aston Hall is an 18th-century country house that became a psychiatric hospital in 1930. It is now converted to residential apartments and is a Grade II listed building. 

At 13 m, it shows the new St Anns Hospital, further down Porchester Road.

At 14 m 45s, it shows the views over The Wells Road.

At 17 m, it shows the Medical Superintendent (Dr Brunton) with his dog.

At 20 m, it shows the Sports Day of 1937. Staff can be seen taking part in races such as the sack race, 3-legged race, hoop race and skipping race. Nurses also take part in an enthusiastic game of musical chairs.

For more information about the history of Mapperley Hospital, go to Nottingham Hospitals History.

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  1. Iain Caulton

    When they were all passing through the wall they were all off to the majestic cinema…. It was the hospitals private entrance to the cinema…… The wall is still there and if you look carefully you can spot where its been bricked up

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