The Handy Map and Street Guide (1920s)

The Handy Map and Street Guide to Nottingham is a crude map surrounded by several advertisers. Measuring 90 x 64 cm, it has columns down the sides with an alphabetical index to the street names. It also features many local businesses. It looks as though it was produced to be placed on a wall, but had been folded up.

The Handy Map and Street Plan of Nottingham

The map is not dated but there are aspects of it that suggest it is from the 1920s.

It was found among my late father’s possessions. He was born in 1923 and it may have belonged to his father, who worked at Victoria Baths and Portland Baths. Maybe it had once been displayed in the reception at one of them.

Map Porchester Gardens

Porchester Gardens showing tram line ending at the top of Westdale Lane

Tram routes are indicated by a red line down the centre of the road. For instance there is a tram route marked along Woodborough Road to the junction with Westdale Lane. The tram ceased in 1936 with the arrival of the motor car.

In 1931 the Nattriss family started their car sales and servicing on Porchester Road. The family raced vintage sports cars and would expand onto Woodborough Road. Our obsession with the motor car was under way and unsurprisingly, the tramcar (which had extended to Westdale Lane) ceased operating 1936.

The other term used on the map is Lunatic Hospital to indicate the Coppice Hospital in what is now known as Ransom Road Mapperley. Mapperley Hospital on Porchester Road is referred to as Lunatic Asylum. Both these terms ceased to be used officially in 1930Map Mapperley 1940s

Lunatic Hospital off Coppice Road (now Ransom Road)

Prior to the building of Mapperley Hospital the mentally ill were kept at The General Lunatic Asylum that was on Carlton Road in Sneinton where King Edward park is now.

When you look for our hospitals as we know them now, the area where the Queens Medical Centre is barely recognisable. We now have the Ring-Road and the industrial area of Lenton. There is a road called Trent Lane that goes from Leen Gate directly to the river. This appears to be the line that the ring road takes to Clifton Bridge. There is no river crossing here and the nearest option would have been Wilford (toll) Bridge. Ironically this is now on the new tram route.DSC07153

Old Lenton – Leen Gate and the River Leen shows where the Queens Medical Centre now stands.

The City Hospital is marked by a rather different title; The Bagthorpe Workhouse. The area between Hucknall Road, Sherwood and Nottingham Road, New Basford appears undeveloped. The Prison at Perry Road is titled His Majesty’s Prison.Map Bagthorpe Workhouse

Bagthorpe Workhouse and Prison


Valley Road in Basford (now forming part of the ring road). The area undeveloped by housing.

Woodthorpe Grange (Woodthorpe Park was opened in 1921)
Breck Hill Road

Here are some of the businesses advertising on the map.

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