Mapperley People – A Great Platform to Promote your Business

“Mapperley People is a great platform to promote your business in and around Mapperley. It has a genuine following who respect the variety of articles they post. I recently used Mapperley People to promote an offer. I made this exclusive to Mapperley People’s followers. It had an obvious impact and many new customers were generated. My offer ran for a month and over 6000 people saw it. Thankyou.”
Kev at Bettabytz
Mapperley People has over 5000 followers and around 300 people who have signed up to receive offers.
  • Do you have a business in the area covered by postcodes NG3 – 5?
  • Do you know how well your current advertising is doing?
Why not speak to us about promoting your business through an exclusive offer?
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